How To Check Screen Time on Android

Smartphones have changed our lives to a great extent and made our life very easier. Studies have proven that users tend to unlock their smartphones an average of 115 times a day. We are getting that much addicted to our mobile phones. If you calculate the time you spend on your phone yearly, you will be surprised to know … Read more

How To Do Call Forwarding In Jio

Jio released its service for the public in 2016. Jio then soon become famous because of its attractive plans. Now Jio is the most used sim in India. Jio achieved this success in just four years. Call forwarding is a great feature that allows you to redirect phone calls to another number. Call forwarding is essential … Read more

How To Know your Jio Number

Jio was launched in 2007  by Mukesh Ambani. Later in 2016, Jio becomes available for the public. As of 2019, Jio is the largest mobile network provider in India. The users use Jio mainly for mobile data and as a secondary sim. Many of my friends have asked me, “How To Know My Jio Number.” … Read more

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