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How To Fix Could Not Use Move Tool Because The Target Channels is Hidden

We all use Photoshop for editing images. Most of as should have come across a popup stating that “could not use move tool because the target channels is hidden” while using the move tool.

This error is usually caused by the Quick mask mode. Generally Quick Mask mode is used when working with selection tools such as the Polygon, Magnetic Lasso or Quick Selection tool. The quick mask mode changes the area of your selection to an opaque red like color. It helps to differentiate the area of the image you have and have not selected. In this article, we will discuss the method to solve or disable this popup.

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How to Fix Target Channels is Hidden Popup?

The quick mask mode is usually located in the select in main menu. If you haven’t turn on edit in quick mode from the select menu, it is probably caused by press the “Q” key, the shortcut for quick mask.

To fix the popup, you can follow any one of the below methods.

  • Press the “Q” key in the keyboard to turn off the quick mask mode. Press only once, pressing it again will turn on the masking mode.
  • Go to the select option in main menu and un-tick “Edit in quick mask mode”.
  • Another way to disable quick masking is by going into channel tab, and deleting quick mask layer.

This will most probably fix the “could not use move tool because the target channels is hidden” popup while using the move tool.


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