How to Hide UI in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV Online is an MMORPG game released om 2010. It is available on Windows, PS4, PS3, and Xbox One platforms. While taking a screenshot the UI or HUD is a bit annoying and makes the screenshot less beautiful. So I decided to find a way to hide UI in FFXIV. You can either use a keyboard, mouse, or controller to play this game. There is no option to hide the UI in the settings of the game. Still, there is a method to do it. This method is different for Pc and PS4 users. You can also check out:

Turn Off UI in FFXIV in PC

Turing of UI or HUD in FFXIV for taking a screenshot is easy all you had to do is hold the scroll lock key on your keyboard. By default, it is the Scroll lock key. If it is not working for you can go and check the setting and change the key binding and choose another key. Turn Off UI in FFXIV in PC If you don’t have an application to take a screenshot you can use the PrtSc key on your keyboard to take a screenshot, It will be saved in the screenshot folder of FFXIV.
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Turn Off UI in FFXIV in PS4

The UI can be turned off very easily by using the PS4 controller. All you had to do is press the L1+ touchpad on your controlled and UI disappears. If you are using PS3 you should press the L1+ select key. To bring the UI back you can click the same key used to hide it. You can use the share button in the controller to take a screenshot. If you find any other methods in FFXIV to hide UI or HUD feel free to comment below.

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